What does an Operational Analyst do at Intrum?

What does an Operational Analyst do at Intrum?

Tereza works for Intrum as an Operational Analyst. We have interviewed her about her daily tasks, her career path and the challenges and most exciting parts of her job.

You are working as an “Operational Analyst” for Intrum. Could you tell us what your job is about? Some daily tasks?

As an operational analyst, I am part of the technology and operational excellence team. Our common goal is not only to work with the data, provide some meaningful insight and support our management team, but also to improve processes and operations team user's experience. Therefore, the scale of the activities of each team member is quite varied and in many ways interconnected.

As of my job role, I have been part of several projects which range from management dashboards creation, automation of reporting for our internal and external clients to the data quality maintenance and I am looking forward to participate also on scoring and forecasting projects in the near future.

What brought you to your current role at Intrum? Tell us about your career journey.

My first "real" job was offered to me at an international company where I joined the Transaction Management Team. Soon after this I took over a job role consisting of operational, managerial as well as technical activities, which helped me decide which career path I would like to pursuit. Therefore when the opportunity came to apply for a job as Data Analyst, I took it and after successful job interview became Data Analyst for the DACH region.

After some time, I felt it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and gain some new experience outside the company and started to look for Data Analyst job offerings and after a couple of interviews landed at Intrum as an Operational Analyst.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I really enjoy learning new things and solving issues. While working for Intrum, I have already learnt so much and become acquainted with so many new tools, that I haven't had a chance to even think of getting bored yet and I'm pretty sure I won't still for some time to come

Which challenges do occur in your daily life as an Operational Analyst?

Apart from the minor challenges which I'm sure everyone experiences from time to time, the biggest challenge, for me, has been to learn and understand the whole operational process. It's  quite a  wide range of information one has to work with and consider when building reports or preparing analyses, but yet again, one learns something new every day.

Do you think Intrum is a good company to work for? If so, why?

I really enjoy working at Intrum. Otherwise, I wouldn't have recommended it to my former colleague, who is now also part of our team! The most important for me is people and work environment and I couldn't have asked for better colleagues which make me enjoy working here very much. Great benefit is also the fact that we are a global company with many teams and centers across Europe, sharing the knowledge and experience with one another. Me and my "pendler" colleagues also benefit from this as we have been given an opportunity to work a couple of days per week from our hometown outside Austria, sharing the office space with the local country team which provides us with the flexibility and better work life balance.